Scunthorpe Tuesday Pool League

Scunthorpe Tuesday Pool League

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Division 1

Showmans Army 

Showmans Fu Cue

Mulligans Trojans

Showmans Chaos

Brigg Town FC

Mill Road Stars

Redbourne A

Showmans Cobras 


Broughton Club Pirates

Division 2

Mulligans Break Miss 

Beacon B

Showmans All Stars

Showmans Mallards (formerly mulligans Mallards) 

Harry’s Bar Shovelers

Bottesford Town Club

Black Beauty Friendly (formerly dolphin) 

Mulligans THS 


Black beauty A

Division 3

Showmans Improvers (formerly imp rovers) 

Mulligans Tight Rack

Messingham Crown 

Glenny’s Poachers 

Winterton Jubilee 

Cocked Hat B 

Redbourne Mods

Liberal Club 

Mulligans STs

Thatch A 

Division 4

Cocked Hat

Chancel Flyers (Imp Flyers) 

Class 6

Piper A

Beacon Rat Outcasts 

Showmans (Formerly Highfield House)

Butchers Arms

Mulligans Snipers 

Butchers Of Winterton

Pig & Whistle A 

Division 5

Harry’s Bar

Fedoras Z

Redbourne N&C 

Mulligans Jesters 

Redbourne B 

Ashby Crown A




Ashby Crown B 

Division 6

Mill Road B

Jolly Sailor 

Pig & Whistle B 

Thatch B

Schnapps A

Lord Roberts 

RHH Club 

Brigg Town FC Zebras 

Division 7

Mulligans OB 

Black Beauty B 

Grosvenor B 

Mulligans Youth

Beacon Rats 

Old Farmhouse 

Riveter B

Queen Bess 

Division 8

Pied Piper OB


Mulligans YO

Mill Road DM 

Schnapps B 

Schnapps new team 

Scunthorpe bowling alley 

Malt Shovel 

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