Scunthorpe Tuesday Pool League

Scunthorpe Tuesday Pool League

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News Report

Ko draws semi finals 2nd July 2019


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Main singles 

M steeper (Showmans Army) v P Buckley (Redbourne A)

A Bartlett (Showmans Army) v A Ellis (Mulligans Ts)

Main doubles 

T Briers/A Ellis (Mulligans Ts) v C Whittaker/P Carty (Showmans Chaos) 

A Bartlett/M Gibney (Showmans Army) v D Whittaker/D Whittaker (Showmans Chaos) 

Captains Cup 

D Walker (RAOB) v T Palmer (Schnapps S)

A Comerford (Mulligans Ts) v M Lamming (Showmans Chaos) 

Captains choice

A Green (Showmans Chaos) v E Bratton (Mulligans OB)

J Christie (Showmans Army) v J Turner (Mill Road S) 

Over 50s

J Ericson (Showmans Chaos) v M Woods (Showmans AS) 

W Kent (Showmans Cobras) v D Booth (Mulligans M) 

Scotch doubles 

P Buckley/G MacSweeney (Redbourne A) v M Lamming/J Campbell (Showmans Chaos) 

A Underwood/M Steeper (Showmans Army) v N Baines/S Baines (Mulligans THS) 

Als window and gutter cleaning services 

P Brown (Beacon B) v D Booth (Mulligans Ms) 

M Farleigh (Mulligans TR) v A Harrison (Mulligans ST)

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